How to Ship a Pool Table

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Pool tables are among the most durable and expensive recreational items you’ll have in your home. They often have sentimental meaning as well, so when you’re planning a move, the pool table will likely travel with you. But moving a large, specialized item like a pool table requires both brains and brawn, and heavy work will still be involved even if you plan to hire an online driver to transport your felted friend.

Disassemble With Care

Breaking down a pool table – whether you or your hired help are doing it – takes patience and a basic understanding of how it is constructed. The felt-covered slate normally comes in three sections, each weighing an average of 300 lbs. The frame, including rubber rails, channels that guide pool balls from pockets, as well as stabilizing legs, add additional weight of roughly 250 lbs. Throw in a set of balls, racks and cues and the entire weight will be close to 1,200 lbs. (definitely an amount to include in your listing, along with the table’s dimensions).

All access to bolts and screws comes from underneath your pool table. Using a screwdriver or drill, first remove the topside rails and pockets. This will allow you to roll up the felt, exposing the slate. Using the proper drill bit, carefully uncouple the slate sections. Be sure you and your helper have padding nearby, and place the slate on the floor vertically, wrapping the padding around it. The slate must be moved in a vertical position – while it is very hard, it can crack under its own weight if it is transported any other way.

Prepping the frame is a bit easier. After the slate is separated, the legs should be removed. The frame should also be moved vertically, and wrapped in padding and bubble wrap. There will be three pool table components ready to be moved – the slate, the frame, and a third part comprised of legs, rails, pockets, ball, racks and cues.

Now it’s time for the brawn. Removing a pool table will require a minimum of two people and a set of dollies and straps. This is where your driver and his helper start to earn their fee. It’s good idea to be on hand to ensure your pool table is properly disassembled and placed into the trailer, and it is important to include any sets of stairs or other complications that may impede a clear path to the transportation in your listing – not doing so could result in a delay in getting the job done. These tips will help you get your pool table on the road safely and securely.

Reassemble With Even More Care

Once your pool table has arrived at its destination, setup is essentially the disassembly process in reverse, with one critical difference. The slate must be leveled – and no matter how slight – each floor has its own angle that must be taken into account. A construction-grade level will help you get it right.

First reattach the legs to the frame and place it upright. Using the level at the short ends of the frame rectangle, ensure the table is perfectly horizontal by adjusting the threaded feet of the legs. Do the same thing on the long ends of the table. Once everything is as close to perfectly flat as possible, place the middle slate on the table, followed by its companion pieces, and carefully bolt all three pieces together. Stop at this point and repeat the measuring process on all four sides. Replace the felt, secure the pockets and rails, and you’ll be ready to play the first game of eight ball in your new place.

Moving a pool table can be done with planning and the right assistance. And CitizenShipper can get the job done for you across the U.S.

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  1. I like your point that pool tables often have sentimental meaning. Mine was given to me by my late uncle. I wouldn’t want to break it by trying to move it myself, so it’s definitely best if a company moves it for me.

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