How to Ship an Electric Guitar

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Worried about shipping your 1961 Strat-o-Caster to a hipster across the United States?” Nonetheless, it’s time to time to let your baby go onto his next owner. Whether it’s a wife-madated gorge clean out, where “there’s just no room in her for that guitar!” the decision has been made.

But wait – you’ve just discovered the Fender rhythm guitar you played at the “Echantment Under the Sea Dance” in 1964 could be worth a fortune! No way it’s going for $10 and no way you’re letting it go at a cut-rate price.

Functionality is the first order of business when evaluating a guitar.

-Is the pitch where it needs to be, or it is there considerable work to be done to get it into playing shape?

-Do cracks exist along the body that should to be addressed from years of string tension?

-And most importantly, is your guitar worth real money? There is one litmus test to determine this: Liberally loosen the strings from the neck, separating the body. Once removed, the make, serial number and date will be scored on the body base, and a quick Google search will reveal a ballpark value. Chances are, your guitar is one of a mass produced number manufactured during the Elvis/Beatles and John Lennon crazes and not worth that much.

However, of the off chance you’ve discovered a priceless gem, proceed with caution, especially with electric guitars. They are notorious for coming unsautered in transit, and if you’re selling, the buyer needs to be aware of this. As a veteran of several electric guitar online sales, some buyers expect to plug and play their new acquisition, while reasonable buyers know a minimum of internal soldering is in order.

Prepping for Shipment:

-It is critical to loosen the strings so tension doesn’t build in transit. This can ruin a guitar.

-Secure moving parts- Electric guitars components, such as the ‘wah-wah’ pedal and tremolo bright need to be stowed away separately, as does any accessories that could damage the instrument during shipment.

-Nearly every musician with a six-string strapped across his back won’t allow his instrument out of his sight; the same goes for his hand-held amplifiers. Whether traveling in airplanes or cabs, hitching rides with 18-wheelers, or waiting a Greyhound terminal, musicians must keep a close eye on their gear without exception. It all, after all, their livelihood.

-While hictchiking is a right of passage for beginning guitar players, increased musical popularity can force musicians to ship their guitars to a destination, away from their watchful eyes. Some of these instruments can cost as much as six figures, so they are extremely valuable.

These legendary instruments shouldn’t be handled by a large corporate shipping conglomerate. The white-glove, personal service of CitizenShipper Drivers handle delicate cargo as if it were their own, and offer real-time status updates as the guitar finds its way to its destination.

CitizenShipper drivers have passed several rigorous background checks and have earned lots of positive feedback from previously satisfied customers. The company is associated with more than 49,000 drivers, so you are sure to find a hauler to fit your guitar shipping needs.

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