How to Ship a Classic Car

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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You’ve put your heart and soul into restoring your classic car to its original glory, investing a lot of your time and money to get it just right. But now that it’s time to transport your automotive gem, it just doesn’t seem right to hand the keys to a total stranger and wave goodbye.

Your driver needs to know things about your auto, things only a classic car owner would know: How the passenger’s door needs an extra nudge to close properly or that the engine has to warm up for at least five minutes before putting the transmission into gear. Perhaps that the battery should be disconnected when parked and the radio should never be turned on, despite $2,000 in electrical rewiring that never quite fixed faulty connections.

This conversation begins when you list a classic car for online shipment. Pictures of your vehicle are critical, as are the make and model, dimensions, weight and a mention if your classic car is in running condition (it probably is). Your listing must also include the place of origin and destination as well as a delivery timeframe. Be very clear if you need your vehicle to arrive at a destination by a certain time. The elements of your listing will attract drivers eager to bid on delivering your precious package.

Your driver needs to understand all of the things that make your classic car unique. As bids to ship your classic car come in, begin evaluating those drivers interested in the job. They should have the right equipment and experience to get your restored roadster to its destination safely, and in perfect condition.

Hauling a classic car takes more time, planning and expertise than moving, say, a pickup truck. First and foremost, the driver you select needs to have positive feedback from transporting classic or valuable cars for past customers. They can employ all the equipment in the world, but knowledge and experience are the priorities. But, chances are, drivers with great feedback and experience use the right tools.

Once you’re comfortable with a driver’s ability to ship your classic car, take a look at the equipment shown in their profile. One of the most expensive parts of restoring a classic car is its paint job, so ideally a transporter will pull a covered trailer with a heavy-duty pickup truck. Open trailers require much more planning for inclement weather, proper vehicle covering and similar concerns, but it can be done.

Shipping a classic car is a specialized delivery service best left to drivers with which you are comfortable. CitizenShipper’s community of 47,000 drivers can get it there.

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