Pet transportation: animal safety tips for summer 2021

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Pet safety during summer months

Pet safety during summer months

It’s almost that time of the year again – hot summer months are coming up fast. Pretty soon, we’re going to have to start thinking about keeping our pets cool, at home or on the road. Here are a few words of advice you might want to consider if planning pet transportation this summer.

Know your pet’s stress tolerance

It’s always a good idea to be aware of risk factors threatening your pet’s health. When it comes to heat, the most vulnerable animals are those with preexisting respiratory conditions, as well as the young. They must be given special attention, keeping a close watch for potential symptoms and providing enough water. If you’re considering pet transportation and aren’t sure how sensitive your pet is, talk to your vet. They might suggest specific precautions, or run a check-up to make sure all is in order.

Plan pet transportation to reduce risk

In addition to veterinarian advice, also consult your transporter in preparation for the pet’s journey. Make sure that all the rest stops are carefully pre-planned, and that water is available at all times. When out on a walk, pets should keep to the shade and avoid hot asphalt. Double-check to see if the carrier crate has adequate airflow. Ultimately, if the risk factors seem too high, you can always delay pet transportation until cooler weather prevails.

Recognize the symptoms in time

It’s vitally important to spot the first signs of a pet’s problems with regulating body temperature. These might include breathing difficulties, increased heart rates, and general lethargy. If these early symptoms go unaddressed, the animal might also start vomiting or having seizures. As soon as you suspect that the pet is suffering from heatstroke, get it to the nearest vet. Along the way, don’t bother offering water – just wrap the pet in a cool, damp blanket instead.

Never leave a pet inside a locked car

You’ve heard this countless times but it bears repeating – do not leave animals unattended in a car! Especially not in when it’s warm outside. And no, cracking a window open won’t make a difference. Temperatures can ramp up quickly, rising to 100 degrees or more within minutes. That puts an animal in danger of heatstroke and should be avoided at all costs. Not to bum you out, but according to PETA, this has caused 58 recorded animal deaths just last year.

All this should not dissuade you from traveling with your pet this summer. With proper precaution, animals can comfortably handle transport even in the warmest weather. At CitizenShipper, transporters are familiar with the risks outlined above as well as the steps necessary to avoid them. They’ll gladly discuss every eventuality with you in preparation for the trip. Remember, animal care is a team effort – your driver and you can keep things cool by communicating and cooperating.

Updated September 17, 2021

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