How to Move a Refrigerator

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Moving a refrigerator can be daunting. Be sure to empty it first!
Moving a refrigerator can be daunting. Be sure to empty it first!

Moving refrigerators is never easy – especially full-size ones or refrigerator freezer combos. These jobs are best left to the professionals, but there are preparations you can perform to make the process easier for them and for you.

Mark Nash, a professional refrigerator mover for 33 years, know the ins and outs of the refrigerator business from top to bottom.

“When a customer has properly prepared the appliance for transport, it makes our job much easier,” he said “No one wants to moved a fully-stocked refrigerator to another residence.”

In preparation, empty the fridge of all its contents, including ice trays, food, condiments and any loose items that could rattle around during shipment.

Also remove the shelving, trays, and other hardware items that could become loose during transport.

Most importantly, defrost the freezer well ahead of time. Movers hate freezers leaking all over their trucks. It can take up to a day to defrost the freezer, so it is advisable to do it overnight. This is also a good opportunity to thoroughly scrub the freezer once it is defrosted.

Once the inside is spotless, the next step is to secure the doors tightly using a bungee cord or rope. It is advisable to NOT use tape for this, as tape can leave residue or pull the door seals too tightly, causing damage to the appliance.

*Note* It is imperative to measure the space you intend the refrigerator to be placed in your new home. Be sure to measure the appliance, the space you intend to place it and the areas it must pass to get there. Supply these measurements to the driver so he will know what to expect.