What Kind of Insurance Coverage do You Need for Motorcycle Transport?

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: August 20, 2021

You may have heard about personal motorcycle insurance, but have you heard about motorcycle transport insurance? Motorcycles are fun to have and to drive, but if you are in the process of moving, you aren’t going to want to drive it to your next destination.

Are you moving and looking for someone to help transport your bike to your new destination? Are you concerned about possible damages that can occur while your bike is in transit?

If so, then you came to the right article. In this brief article, we will go over what is motorcycle shipping insurance. We will also cover who you can contact to learn more about motorcycle transporting!

How to Transport Motorcycles

There are many transport services available for you to look into, but make sure you choose a reputable company.

If you look for a local moving company, they may have the equipment and staff to move your bike, but they may lack expertise in moving motorcycles. These local companies also may charge more fees if there are any unexpected delays.

Before you start looking for a transporter, you will want to know how big your bike is. You need to know your motorcycle’s year, make, model, and approximate weight.

You will also want to take pictures of your bike before it gets transported. If there are any damages at the destination, you will have proof of how the bike looked before it was in possession of your movers.

Motorcycle Transport Insurance

Your personal motorcycle insurance won’t cover your vehicle while it is being moved. All movers are required to carry liability insurance for their company, but it most likely will not cover the total value of your motorcycle. Before you select your mover, make sure you ask them what their motorcycle transport insurance limit is.

Other questions to ask your mover:

  • Are mechanical damages covered?
  • Are accessories covered?
  • What damages are covered?

Almost all transport companies provide you with coverage options that you can buy to help cover any damages incurred during transport. If you choose to buy this motorcycle shipping insurance, make sure to check out the exclusions in the policy. Most policies don’t cover acts of God or acts of shipper.

Acts of God

Acts of God are incidents that occur without human intervention. For example, a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a tornado would be considered an Act of God.

If your shipper were to have suddenly been caught in a flash flood and the water damaged your bike, that would not be covered.

Acts of Shipper

Your policy will not pay for any damages incurred on your bike resulting from your actions. For example, if you decided to tie down your bike and it fell off during transit, that would not be covered.

If your bike is new or an expensive model, it would be ideal to buy extra cargo insurance before shipping your bike.

Additional Insurance

As stated earlier, most personal motorcycle policies do not cover any damages done while moving. You will want to look into a policy that covers the transportation and storage of your bike.

Some insurance policies can cover a complete replacement of your motorcycle. If you find it challenging to find the insurance you need online, it may be best for you to call an insurance broker. They will be able to go over your needs and decide on which policy is best for you.

Transport Your Bike With CitizenShipper

There are many other moving companies that you can choose from, but you will want to work with someone you can trust.

CitizenShipper is a fantastic resource that matches transporters with people like you who need their items moved. On CitizenShipper, you will list your motorcycle with important information.

What to post on your listing:

  • The size of your motorcycle
  • The current location of your bike
  • Where do you want to have it moved
  • What days do you prefer to have it moved

Once your listing is up and ready, all you have to do next is wait for quotes to roll in. Professional and experienced motorcycle transporters will reach out to you with personalized quotes.

If you see a mover that you like, you can communicate with them about their experience. The mover will also be able to tell you about the type of equipment that they use.

Once you have decided on a mover, they will provide the truck or van to move your bike. They also handle any labor needed to load and move the bike. CitizenShipper is great for in-state moving, but if you need to move your bike out of your state, they can do that as well.

How to File a Claim

In the rare and unfortunate event that your vehicle is damaged upon arrival, you will want to file a claim. Make sure to document all the damages that you see.

You can either take photos or videos of the damaged parts to help keep a record. Next, you will need to contact your mover’s insurance company to start the claims process.

The insurance company understands that this is an inconvenience. They will do their best to settle this for you as soon as possible.

Contact a Mover Today

Your motorcycle insurance coverage on your policy may not cover any damages incurred by a mover. If you need someone to move your bike for you, make sure that you ask them about what motorcycle transport insurance they have for their business.

CitizenShipper is an excellent resource to find your next transporter. If you are looking for “insurance to transport motorcycles” or “how to ship motorcycles,” check out how our process works!