Flatbed Load Boards

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated March 8, 2023

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If you are in the trucking industry then you will surely benefit from using the flatbed load boards where you can get information about available loads that needs to be moved with a flatbed truck. If you are a shipper, you can use this load board to post that you have a load that’s ready to be moved. Truckers would then be bidding on the job to try and win it.

Whoever wins in the bidding would then have to do its job in order to get the full payment as set by the bid.
This is an internet board and you can check for the postings regularly as you get notifications of every load requests so you can get more delivery projects for your trucking business. For flatbed load boards you get notifications on the flatbed trucks that are ready to accept loads.

This is the reverse case as that where you get notifications of loads that need to get shipped. So with this, you are searching for the available flatbeds and get information about these trucks. So basically what you will find is a list of flatbed trucks and their information such as the pickup dates, origin city and their destination city so you can select the truck that would be suited for your shipment needs.

You get daily updates on the available flatbed trucks You can use these flatbed load boards to get the best priced shipping for you and it’s very easy. Unlike with other means of selecting for the carrier on your own, here you get more detailed information and more selections so you can find one that has the cheapest price. You can also opt for selecting a freight broker instead if you don’t want to go direct to the shipper. Either way, these load boards are great help.
You can actually use this service with cheap monthly fees. It really depends on what flatbed load boards you choose as some are priced higher than others but they all work the same way. You are not obligated to take all the requests that had been posted as you can only choose ones that you want to bid on. Others that you’re not interested in you just ignore. You can really earn a lot more when you use a load board for your business and the monthly cost is far cheaper than what you can get even from a single shipment that you’ve won the bid on.