Dryer Shipping Made Easy

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated: March 8, 2023 / Published: June 16, 2010


Here is an opportunity to get your goods delivered to the customer safely. Citizenshipper helps you to get it done quickly and easily. By listing your shipment on this website you will get the best rates for the job. On Citizenshipper.com you will find the well experienced and skilled handlers in any area who offer the lowest possible charges. These Drivers take good care of the property entrusted to them and deliver them at their destinations in good shape. 

The service offered at CitizenShipper includes dryer shipping. Thedrivers have a rich experience in handling dryers and your 100% satisfaction if guaranteed. In addition to the great convenience for the shipper, the site facilitates huge savings on transport of the goods locally, or long distance for delivery.

How Does CitizenShipper work?What the shipper has to do is to notify the shipment on the citizenshipper.com website about the shipment and the destination for local or long distance delivery. The Drivers then bid for the job quoting the rates for each of them. There will be many Drivers making bids for the same job, so the shipper can be assured of competitive rates. The shipper is under no obligation to accept any of the bids and he is free to reject all of them without assigning any reason. All the deals are very transparent. The deals are between the shippers and the drivers directly. There is no intermediary between them. Thus no commission goes to such intermediaries. That helps the Drivers to keep their bids low. This way the shipper can reduce his delivery costs considerable.


The shipper also need not keep a fleet of delivery vehicles which has work only when there is shipping. The Drivers have skill to handle any kind of shipment because their profession ensures that they deal with different type of jobs ranging from dryer shipping to heavy machinery every day.

The shippers as well as the Drivers can be assured that the service offered by the citizenshipper is absolutely free of any charge. The shipper does not need to pay anything for the listing in the website. Similarly, the Driver too does not pay anything for using the services of the website.

The Drivers are specialized in delivering any shipment. They usually maintain their own fleet of vehicles. So there will not be any delay in delivering goods. Their costs are low because the idling time for their fleet can be brought to a minimum.

The website does the job of connecting people; the shipper and the Driver. The responsibility of delivery is taken over by the Driver. The shipper can be assured of the safe delivery without going through the hassles of local delivery. 

Every shipper must take advantage of this new opportunity. It will increase their profits many times while their responsibility is reduced. It is very easy. Just notify the shipping on the citizenshipper website.