Drum Shipping – 3 Simple Tips

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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It’s party time, folks! It’s that time of the year again, when you let your hair down with music that moves and grooves! This is also the time for bands and gigging musicians to criss-cross the country to play to all the party animals out there! This is also the time when young budding drummers hope that their dream drum kits will be there in Santa’s sack of gifts! So for all those musicians both new and old, drum shipping becomes important to gain access to their drum kits right when they need it. Often it happens that drummers could need a replacement for their sets in a hurry too – Alex Jones, a drummer to a student band from Nebraska would tell you.

Alex was playing at a Christmas college fest in Georgia when suddenly his bass drum which was an essential part of his four piece drum kit (cymbals are not counted by the drummers among the sets), became incapacitated! He was furious; he had not brought his spare ones with him! He needed them immediately, but how would he get them? Finally someone from his own college contacted a peer to peer shipping company enlisted the services of “Josh”, a musician himself coming home to Georgia from Nebraska where he worked. “Josh” saved Alex’s day by drum shipping to him with the same care that Alex would take to transport them – in the process earning a few dollars for travelling the same distance that he would any way have done! What a win –win situation for all! Alex got his drum shipping done without having to wait for larger shipping companies and that too his precious drums being in the care of a person who understood their value to Alex. Moreover it was great for the environment too, because there was no additional fossil fuels burnt for the delivery! Not only Alex, but lots of people are nowadays opting for peer to peer shipping because it allows them to save on their shipping bills as well as ensure that they get a more personalized care for their loads, and contribute meaningfully and responsibly to the ecological conservation movement.

When drum shipping over larger distances, it is necessary to invest in drum cases manufactured from high abrasion defiant polyester and dual foam stuffing with non-grazing synthetic high absorption fleece coupled with strong nylon zips and threads. Cymbals also have special cases that provide cover to each piece separately; these are sometimes also provided with back straps for easy carriage. Nowadays, however all cases are provided with castor wheels that provides mobility for even the heaviest cases. It is also necessary to remember to stack these drums properly to maintain balance and create space for all pieces. Although most drummers prefer to carry replacements with them, they often need shipping of separate drum pieces, in such situations peer to peer shipping is extremely useful.