How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Boat and a Trailer?

Cagri Sarigoz Cagri Sarigoz · Updated March 8, 2023
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Good weather season is coming, so you’re thinking about spending more time at sea. Now you only need to think about how to ship your boat to the desired location, and how much the shipping will cost. Consider whether you want to ship your boat yourself, get a trailer for it, or hire a moving company. Check what permissions you need, and set a budget. So, how much does it cost to ship a boat and a trailer?

This article will present you with several factors you need to weigh when thinking about the cost to ship a boat and a trailer. You will have a much clearer picture of the budget you need for transport and small bits and pieces to count on while transferring your boat.

Cost of a Boat Trailer

You may want to transfer your boat to a shore yourself. Or, the shipping company you want to hire does not have a trailer for your boat. In both cases, you should consider buying a trailer for your boat. It’s an investment that you can use numerous times.

The cost of a boat trailer will depend on several factors. It will depend on the trailer’s weight carrying capacity, type, material, and size – to name a few. The cost can go anywhere from around 500 USD to several thousand dollars.

Boat trailers can have a single, twin, or tri-axle, and the type you wish to buy will influence its cost. Boat trailers with one axle will be the cheapest, and multiple axle trailers will be more expensive.

If you opt to buy a new trailer, the standard trailer will cost you less than a custom-made one. You can also opt for a quality used boat trailer, in which case, the cost of the trailer will be lower.

Adding to the cost of a boat trailer, you should also consider additional accessories, some of which may not come with the trailer, such as a spare tire, side-view mirror, and a breakaway system. Additional accessories can add up to several hundred dollars.

Cost of Hiring a Transportation Company to Ship a Boat

The cost of hiring a transportation company to ship a boat will depend mostly on the size of the boat and the distance that the boat needs to be hauled. The bigger the boat and the longer the distance – the higher the cost.

For example, a boat that is 9 feet long will cost around 2.5 dollars for a mile of transportation. A bigger boat, such as 11 feet long, can cost around 3 dollars per mile of transportation. As an illustration, a 9 feet long boat that you would want to ship from Minneapolis, MN to Road Island would cost you around 3,500 USD.

But the cost of hiring a transportation company to ship your boat should not be the only thing to consider when choosing a transporter. You should also consider the transporter’s reliability, as you want your boat to be handed to a hauler you can trust.

Shipping a Boat with CitizenShipper

Shipping a boat with CitizenShipper is easy. Simply fill in the form online for listing your boat. To get quotes for shipping a boat, you need to specify several things. The make of your boat, its model, and perhaps the year when the boat was made. Furthermore, the cost of shipping a boat will depend on the boat’s size, so you will need to specify your boat’s length, width, height, and weight. The distance your boat needs to be hauled will be determined by its pickup and delivery address. Also, if you don’t have a trailer for your boat, you can state so, and you will be connected to transporters who can provide one for your shipping needs. Then, you only need to choose the pickup and delivery date, and wait for the quotes to pour in!

CitizenShipper has plenty of trustworthy transporters to choose from, so apart from the cost of shipping a boat, you’ll be able to also check for the reviews of previous customers who have used the transporters you get the quotes from. You will get a chance to chat with transporters who send you a quote, so you can ask all the questions you have regarding shipping a boat and trailer.

Final Things to Consider Regarding Cost of Shipping a Boat and Trailer

Although insurance is not required in some states, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The yearly boat insurance can range from 250 USD to 500 USD, depending on things such as the specification of your boat and the country’s region. So if you opt to buy insurance, take it into consideration when planning for your shipping budget.

Furthermore, you want to avoid having to pay for the smaller damages that may occur during the transport due to the lack of proper preparation of your boat for the haul. So before you hand over the boat for the haul, take the time to prepare it carefully for the transport. Make sure that all the items in the interior cabin are battened down securely, and all the hatches are locked down. Check the outside of your boat to remove any items that stick out of the dimensions of your boat to prevent damage during the shipping.

Good luck with your boat move!