CitizenShipper Unveils New Shipper Dashboard

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Customers listing items for bid at now have a new tool that streamlines the entire process, allowing them to easily monitor the latest activity and even invite drivers to view their shipment.

The redesigned Shipper Dashboard’s home screen, Quotes Manager, lets shippers manage every aspect of their shipment. A navigation bar at the top of the page contains tabs for Quotes, Edit and the customer’s Name. Clicking on Quotes anywhere in the dashboard allows all bids to be displayed. As driver bids are placed, small, numbered notification bubbles appear at the top left of the screen.

Selecting Edit in the navigation bar allows shippers to change any listing detail, from pictures and budget to pickup and drop off times Clicking on the shipper Name reveals a drop down menu that links to the shipper’s profile settings. Other listings can be viewed, and new shipments can also be posted from here. Selecting another listing will take the user to the Quotes Manager screen for that particular shipment, allowing for easy access between separate shipments.

A powerful new tool, the Quote Card, shows the name and feedback of drivers that have bid or been invited to place bids on the shipment. Clicking on any of the quotes displays driver details and allows messages to be sent between drivers and shippers. Drivers can also be contacted through the Connect Window. Working just like chat messaging, this feature allows both parties to iron out shipment details. CitizenShipper will also notify shippers via email for each new message they receive.

Once a driver places a bid, the dashboard will display the driver’s name and the amount, as well as if CitizenShipper believes it’s a fair price or not. When the customer is ready to choose a driver, clicking Accept This Quote brings up the deposit and confirmation page, where the driver’s contact information will be made available.

The last stop in the process, the Payment Page, is where shippers enter their payment details and submit deposits on accepted quotes. Once this is complete, all of the driver’s information will be shown, and the shipment will be on its way.

Gathering these features in one place was the focus of the new Shipper Dashboard, according to CitizenShipper CEO Richard Obousy.

“We want to make a simple and intuitive platform for both shippers and drivers,” Obousy said. “This is one of several steps toward that goal.”

“CitizenShipper was founded behind the idea of making person-to-person shipping easy, and we’re proud to offer the new Shipper Dashboard to our customers.”