Choosing the Right Online Mover or Moving Company

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated July 18, 2023

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving households is one of the biggest tasks you can undertake. Choosing an online mover to help you relocate from a house or apartment can not only save you money, but offer a personal touch not available through large conventional companies.

The first step in selecting the online mover that’s right for you is composing a listing that is clear and concise. If you have to vacate a residence by a certain date, be sure to include that fact at the top of the information. Also mention the number of rooms (contents of kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and washer/dryer) as well as any garage-kept items that will be moving with you. This information will let a mover know how much help he’ll need to bring as well as the right equipment required to complete the move.

It’s also important to declare any large or valuable items that you’ll need transported. Including these items in your listing allows the drivers who’ll bid on the job to offer a fair amount as well as prepare for the job. For instance, if your Mid Century Modern sideboard will take up 12 ft. of trailer space and needs to be double-wrapped in blankets, potential drivers need to be made aware of it before they bid. High-priced furniture and paintings can be adequately prepped for travel, but smaller items like jewelry and paperwork need to be hauled by the customer.

A price range for what you’d like to pay can be helpful to both you and the mover. Before listing, you should research the fees of various traditional moving companies and set your price accordingly. An online driver will know to bid if your price range fits with their abilities. One bit of caution: Don’t immediately dismiss a driver that offers a bid out of the range you’ve set. There are a few small, family-owned moving companies that compete online, and although the price they can offer may not be the cheapest, these outfits have the experience, tools and manpower to do the job easily.

Using an online mover has its advantages. If you offer the right details at the start and pick the one that’s right for you, the chore of moving households can save you money and headaches.

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