Baby woodchuck’s road trip to new home

Dan Sutton was reviewing new pet shipment listings when a very distinct one popped up: “Baby Woodchuck/Groundhog, Indiana to Killeen, TX.” Intrigued, he did a quick web search and placed a bid which won the load. “I wanted to see what I’d be up against, and my research showed woodchucks are easygoing and make great Read more about Baby woodchuck’s road trip to new home[…]

How to Ship a Horse

Horses are among the most difficult animals to transport and not only because of their sheer equine size. Horses not only require specialized trailers for transport and adequate hay for the duration of the trip, buy frequent exercise is a must to keep them from being restless and harming themselves in the process. Horses are Read more about How to Ship a Horse[…]

David Zimmerman: CitizenShipper Newcomer Making Strides

Last December, David Zimmerman joined the ranks of CitizenShipper drivers, specializing in pet transport. In the next seven weeks, he completed eight shipments and recently stepped up to help deliver a puppy that was marooned in an Indiana kennel. Zimmerman took some time to speak with us about his new career in online shipping. Q. Read more about David Zimmerman: CitizenShipper Newcomer Making Strides[…]

How to Ship a Dog

Shipping your beloved canine can be a nerve-racking event, but proper planning as well as choosing the right driver will put your mind at ease. Properly shipping a dog should be seen as a two-step process – first, training your pup, then preparing your driver for the trip ahead. Preparing your dog for transport – whether Read more about How to Ship a Dog[…]

How To Move A Piano

  Unless you’ve got access to a cadre of professional wrestlers willing to do it for a case of beer, piano moving is a job best left to professionals. Whether it’s a spinet upright or a baby grand, moving a piano takes plenty of planning and a fair amount of money. Charles Moore, owner of Read more about How To Move A Piano[…]

Retired Trucker uses CitizenShipper to See family, Revisit Old Roads

By Ron Watson, Jr. “I don’t need the money, but I get to travel again and it’s great. When you drive 4 million miles, it’s hard to put the brakes on.” Rodney Rodenberg (RAR Express) When Rodney Rodenberg looks back at over four million miles of a shipping career, he can’t help but laugh. The Read more about Retired Trucker uses CitizenShipper to See family, Revisit Old Roads[…]

Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition

For Gary Muraco, Jr., the shipping business is in his blood.   His father, Gary Muraco, Sr., worked for moving companies his entire adult life, but chose to put out his own shingle in 1999.   Muraco, Jr., joined his dad and has been a partner in Fort Lauderdale Moving since 2007.   The elder Read more about Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition[…]

CitizenShipper’s Driver of the Month

  For driver Julianna Bond, the freedom of the road has been calling for eight years. “I started delivering car parts long distance and found I love driving and not having anyone over my back,” she said. “It was a little pleasure that turned into something big.” Based in Phoenix, Ar., Julianna has won six Read more about CitizenShipper’s Driver of the Month[…]