A piano with a book of music and a cat sitting on the piano keys

Finding a transporter for your Craigslist piano purchase

If you have just purchased a piano from an auction on Craigslist, it’s time to find someone to move it. Moving a piano requires strength, equipment, and experience. Not moving it properly can result in a damaged instrument as well as a damaged body. Be sure you look after your new investment from the first Read more about Finding a transporter for your Craigslist piano purchase[…]

How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal

Whether you’re looking to ship china, glassware, crystal, or other extremely fragile small items, the keyword is the same: preparation. High-quality plates, glasses, and kitchenware that have been passed down through generations or have other sentimental meanings deserve your full attention when packing them in preparation for a move. To do this job right, don’t Read more about How to Ship China, Glassware and Crystal[…]

How To Move A Piano

  Unless you’ve got access to a cadre of professional wrestlers willing to do it for a case of beer, piano moving is a job best left to professionals. Whether it’s a spinet upright or a baby grand, moving a piano takes plenty of planning and a fair amount of money. Charles Moore, owner of Read more about How To Move A Piano[…]

Piano on Pallet Transportation

Many families own piano’s today, and often when purchasing a new piano, or just moving house, one needs to find piano on pallet transportation. Because piano’s can be heavy, especially the old ‘player’ pianos as they are known, it’s often valuable to hire a professional to do the moving for you. This can after save Read more about Piano on Pallet Transportation[…]