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How cars are shipped?: A Brief Overview by Citizenshipper

There are countless ways of getting a car to its destination. From the most obvious one, such as simply driving it there in person… To the more exotic ones such as air-dropping a humvee from a plane or launching a roadster into orbit. But let’s focus on the more mundane ways of moving cars, shall

Vehicle Shipping · Updated January 16, 2024

Is it safe to ship your car? | Citizenshipper

Yes. Car shipping is extremely safe. Around 17 million new cars are sold in the US each year. That means 17 million cars need to be shipped to dealerships each year, either within the US or from overseas. Car shipping is big business, with great care taken and numerous regulations imposed to ensure all of

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How much do car haulers charge per car? | CitizenShipper

Tens of millions of cars are transported across the U.S. every year, so car haulers have a pretty established costing system when they offer quotes. Car haulers are always in demand since there are plenty of reasons why people choose to ship a car. A few of those reasons are: Luxury or vintage vehicles to

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[Price Calculator Inside] How much does it cost to ship a car?

You are moving from New York to Los Angeles, but you don’t have the time or energy to drive with your car and now you are wondering about how you could transport it otherwise? Then you are probably asking yourself what the cheapest way to ship a car might be. To ship a car seems

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Transportation Service Tips: How to Choose a Driver

It seems like online marketplaces and auction sites offering transportation services are a dime a dozen these days. Each comes with its own quirks, and each set of rules takes some getting used to. If you’ve ever posted a shipment listing along one of CitizenShipper’s more popular routes, you might’ve felt overwhelmed by the number

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How to Ship an RV Trailer

Have you bought a camping trailer and need to transport it to your location? Recently sold an RV trailer and transportation was included in the deal? Drivers in the CitizenShipper community can dependably deliver your trailer where it needs to be, and at significant savings compared to other services. The entire process starts with the

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How to Ship a Classic Car

You’ve put your heart and soul into restoring your classic car to its original glory, investing a lot of your time and money to get it just right. But now that it’s time to transport your automotive gem, it just doesn’t seem right to hand the keys to a total stranger and wave goodbye. Your

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CitizenShipper Continues to Earn Top Marks in TrustPilot Reviews

CitizenShipper’s domination of the Relocation Services category for online review service TrustPilot has continued into 2015. Nearly six months after joining the impartial reputation website, CitizenShipper remained in first–place with a total score of 9.3 out of 10 in 76 reviews. The closest TrustPilot Relocation Services Competitor, United Routes Auto Transport, received only 17 reviews,

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How To Choose the Right Transporter at CitizenShipper

At CitizenShipper’s online marketplace, you can pick and choose from thousands of transporters. Some specialize in specific categories (pets, vehicles, boats, etc). Others can move just about any type of shipment you need. As a customer, you hold all the cards. You choose the time frame and the price range of the delivery, as well

Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition

For Drivers » Hot Shot · Updated January 16, 2024

Fort Lauderdale Moving — A Family Tradition

For Gary Muraco, Jr., the shipping business is in his blood. His father, Gary Muraco, Sr., worked for moving companies his entire adult life, but chose to put out his own shingle in 1999. Muraco, Jr., joined his dad and has been a partner in Fort Lauderdale Moving since 2007. The elder Muraco decided to