Freight Shipping - 10 August 2020

How much does air freight cost? | Citizenshipper

Moving freight within the continental US is one thing, but going abroad narrows down your choices. You can go with sea freight or air freight, and that’s about it. The former is slower, the latter is faster but more expensive… How much more, though? How much does air freight cost these days, anyway? All transport

For Customers - Freight Shipping - 09 August 2020

How are Freight Rates Calculated? | Citizenshipper

Calculating freight rates is a thorny task for any shipping service or cargo broker. The final cost depends on a wide variety of factors, not limited to: distance, weight, volume, season, destination and mode of transport. The rate is quoted to the customer with every factor accounted for, so the customer can be spared this

For Customers - Freight Shipping - 08 August 2020

Freight Shipping Companies and How do they work ?

At CitizenShipper, we act as intermediaries between people in need of freight shipping and the transporters that provide the actual service. We get the same questions daily — What companies ship freight? What is the best freight company? What do freight companies do when the client wants smaller items transported? That’s why we wanted to

Freight Shipping - 03 July 2020

What is Freight Forwarding?: Everything You Need to Know

Most businesses that ship overseas need someone with import and export knowhow. It’s a complex world that attracts bright freight forwarders with first-hand experience of the regulations involved. It’s also a world of huge sums of money and major cargo that needs a responsible eye on the rules and regulations. That’s why experienced shippers have

Shipping containers, warehouse.

Freight Shipping - 02 July 2020

How to Become a Freight Forwarder? Step by Step Guide

Most things that take time and effort lead to excellent rewards. Freight shipping is no exception. First of all, let’s get straight what a freight forwarder is and does. If you’ve heard of freight shipping industry before, you’ll know the role is similar to that of a broker. You’re in charge of connecting sellers and buyers,

For Customers - Freight Shipping - 28 June 2020

How long does freight take to ship? | Citizenshipper

When it comes to moving freight, the first question customers often ask is “how long will it take to ship to the destination?” The truest but least satisfying answer to this would be, how long do you want it to take? If you need the shipment delivered urgently to your destination, it might end up

For Customers - Freight Shipping - 25 June 2020

What is Residential Freight Delivery & How it Works? | Citizenshipper

The transportation industry sometimes seems to have a knack for needlessly complicating things. We come up with terms that confuse the customers, then cling onto them thinking it makes us sound official and serious. One such term is residential freight delivery. You may have seen it abbreviated as RFD on shipping sites, and wondered what