Cat Shipping: What to Look for in a Driver

CitizenShipper CitizenShipper · Updated January 16, 2024

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Transporting a cat across the country can sometimes feel like… well, like herding cats. Those who’ve faced difficulty driving their feline friends around often choose to rely on cat shipping services instead. But that presents a whole new problem: how do you choose the right kind of person for the job? What assurances can a transporter provide that the kitty will arrive at the destination safe and sound?

At CitizenShipper, we connect the drivers to the pet owners so that they can hash this out directly. Every animal has its own needs and requirements, so a cautious owner might feel skeptical of a driver’s ability to handle their cat. But it’s reasonable to expect certain common traits from the drivers that bid on a cat shipment. Here are some of the qualities that each cat transporter should possess.

Positive Reviews Overall

This one is kind of obvious and applies to any kind of transport, not just cat shipping. Still, it bears repeating that the driver’s reputation is best expressed through user reviews. These include more than star ratings on the one-to-five scale. Take the time to read through what the other pet owners had to say about the driver you’re considering.

Were they professional and respectful of their client’s requirements? Did the animals seem to enjoy traveling with them? Did they send regular updates as previously agreed? Was the delivery completed on time, without any complicating factors? You can pick up on all this and more by reading the reviews.

Upon delivery. we hope that you’ll return the favor and drop a few words of your own. Whether positive or negative, your input will be appreciated – it improves the platform, pushing quality drivers closer to the top.

Experience in Cat Shipping

Beyond professionalism and reliability, most people look for experience in a driver. Reading through their profile, take into account the number of shipments they have under their belt. The higher the better, of course, but also consider what kind of shipments they’ve been making.

You want the right type of experience – as close as possible to the specific requirements of transporting your kitty. A driver that has shipped a two-year-old Bobtail allergic to pollen would be perfect, assuming that’s what you need them to do.

Some transporters, whether driving or flying, specialize in cat shipping. These are your top picks if you can get them, but their prices are usually on the high end. Beyond that, the standard on-the-road experience is always preferable; if possible, choose a driver familiar with your route.

Asking the Right Questions

The ability to communicate clearly is a quality often neglected in drivers. While your initial post should provide details about the shipment, it’s up to the driver to dig deeper. Once you get in touch with one, expect them to pose plenty of questions related to cat shipping.

The driver should want to know all the info that you may have failed to provide. This might include the cat’s habits and quirks, feeding requirements, carrier preference, potential health issues, etc.

A driver capable of posing the right questions signals competence and reliability. The more they contribute to your prepping process, the easier it’ll be to entrust them with the responsibility.

Being a Cat Person

Last but not least, consider the kitty’s reaction to the driver you select. We all know how particular cats can be about the company they keep. So when the driver comes to pick up the animal, see how they interact. Does your cat seem unusually withdrawn or aggressive in the driver’s company? Then you might want to reconsider hiring them.

On the other hand, the cat might be rubbing up against the driver’s legs or head-butting their shins. This instinctive approval suggests that you’ve made the right call. Cats are known to be excellent judges of character, and a genuine animal-human connection cannot be faked.

Bottom line, trust in your own appraisal and your cat’s instincts. Most of the animal transporters on the platform are pet owners themselves, which should serve as extra assurance. You can’t go wrong in choosing an experienced driver that gets along well with your cat.