Best Local Moving Companies 2020

Planning to move house over a short distance? Odds are you won’t be looking at any of the big shipping companies to help you out. (They’re cost-effective only over a longer stretch.) You’ll want a local mover instead! Here’s our overview of the best local moving companies sorted by the type of service they provide. 

It’s a pretty short list, but we tried to pick movers with different pros and cons. So before you start googling for “local moving companies near me”, read on and find out what you should be looking for.


DIY Local Moving Companies

The most basic type of short-distance move is renting a vehicle and doing everything else by yourself. This is all that DIY moving companies offer. They’ll set you up with a van or truck, but the rest is up to you.

Safe Shipping for Household Items and Furniture

Depending on location, you might be spoilt for choice here. There’s plenty of DIY options, so to stay competitive, local moving companies need to be cheap. But cheap is relative, isn’t it? You’ll still have to do some research and figure out which type of rental suits you best.

As a DIY mover example, let’s just look at Budget Truck Rental. They’re available almost everywhere, their reputation is good, and their rates are pretty reasonable. In addition to that, they offer special discounts to military personnel and a handful of other groups.

So much for the pros. On the con side… well, BTR offers only three different truck sizes. This is enough for most of their customers, but if your needs are specific, you might have to look elsewhere.


Full-Service Local Moving Companies

Way over on the other side of the spectrum, you’ve got full-service movers. These companies go above and beyond hauling your stuff from point A to point B. They also offer loading, unloading, and packing assistance, vehicle-tracking, and more. Some will even perform demolition services or debris removal, if necessary.

Of course, this type of service usually comes at a premium cost. But don’t let that discourage you — just do more research until you find something that fits your budget!

If you Google for “short distance moving companies near me”, you could get hundreds of results. (Again, location matters.) Add the words “full service” to that search query to narrow it down greatly. 

One of these results might be Mayflower Transit. This full-service moving company has been in the business for almost a century. They operate throughout the continental US and beyond, offering exceptional service at a premium cost. Mayflower is famous for its handling of fragile items in particular. Despite the high rates, their customers consider them good value for money.


Hybrid Local Moving Companies

We’ve covered DIY and full-service movers. So what does that leave out? Everything in between, obviously! No two moves are the same, and flexibility is always in demand for local moving companies. “Hybrid movers” are companies that offer that flexibility.

Maybe you already have a truck and would like to rent just a storage container? Maybe you’d like your possessions shipped between not just two, but three or more locations? Maybe you have even more unique requirements?

In that case, you might need to contact each mover directly and discuss things in great detail. Your best bet for finding this kind of deal is an open online marketplace. For instance, at CitizenShipper, you can list your own move and wait for movers to bid on it. Whenever you get a quote, you can message back-and-forth until you’ve worked out all the kinks. If and when you’re convinced that a mover is able to meet your demands, you book ‘em. 

It’s a pretty simple concept at heart, but it offers unparalleled flexibility. Each mover that contacts you is an independent entity. Each offers a different package of moving services, in a different price range. You can research each one on the site, going through the ratings and reviews left by their previous clients. 


And that about covers our brief overview of the best local moving companies across three broad categories! Stay safe, and happy shipping!

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