Parts Shipping: How to Transport Automotive/Car Parts?

Ulhas Sukhare Ulhas Sukhare · Updated January 16, 2024

Shipping Your Car?

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Do you need a part shipping that is too bulky or delicate to be delivered by ordinary mail? Is there an instrument that you’re concerned might be damaged by standard delivery? Then this guide is for you: A few do’s and don’t’s, tips and guidance all in one place, and no assembly required.

Sooner or later you might need to replace your car’s or bike’s parts. A new exhaust pipe or tailgate won’t fit in a standard parcel size; neither will a new guitar or a computer or an industrial tool. That’s where we come in, to get you those parts or instruments safely, on time and in your budget. Getting them shipped from your home country or abroad can now be done safely and cheaply through CitizenShipper. We specialize in both instrument and parts shipping, and the process is easy, safe, and reliable.

We understand that parts shipping can sometimes cost a fortune. You could find your parcel ‘zigzagging’ through cities and highways, increasing your wait-time and exploiting your budget. However, with our unique green technology in place, we can make use of the extra luggage space and cut down your parts shipping costs by as much as 75%. Using our service is a guarantee of efficiency: In collaboration with the drivers on our platform, we ensure there are no wasted days or dollars.

In order to make sure there is no damage incurred along the way, you have the freedom to choose the perfect container by size and shape. Bubble wrap and other fillers come as standard. In the case of shipping instruments or any other electronic devices, safe packing is of utmost importance and we are diligent about it. CitizenShipper takes pains to make sure every part arrives without a scratch and you can contact your deliverer at any time.

You can read our customer feedback to prove we do what we say we do. We’re proud to work with professional drivers and transporters who have all been vetted and are certified. We even post photos of the trucks used and the drivers so you know exactly who you are working with. Nothing should be a surprise along the way; you have total control over how, when, where and who manages your delivery.

Working with CitizenShipper, you don’t only get a stand-out service for instrument or part shipping, but the best price per your need as well. In short, our services give you complete value for your money!

Our testimonials are our guarantee, and we’re proud to share them. The process is easy: Simply post details of the journey your part/s will make and let the quotes come to you. Choose a driver you like, one with experience of part or instrument transport. Then relax, knowing your parcel will be in safe and attentive hands on its journey.

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