These are the Airlines That Fly Pets Unaccompanied in 2023

Since The Wright Brothers invented the airplane in the early 1900s, technology has advanced air travel so that we can now travel all over the world much faster than before. Air travel is the fastest way to go from Point A to Point B, and sometimes it can be the cheapest. With budget airlines popping

Why Does My Cat Do That? 5 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

Thirty million years ago, the first cat called Proailurus appeared on Earth. It was considered to be the first “true” cat as we know them today. Fast forward millions of years later, and the first domesticated cats came from Egypt. The Egyptians held them in high regard, considering them magical creatures. They believed it brought

What Has a Lower Pet Shipping Cost: Air Transport or Ground Transport?

Moving or going from one place to another can be slightly stressful, or maybe even very stressful. When you add a pet to the moving mix, it can completely overwhelm you. Research can take up lots of time from your day. You’ve researched the various options available for pet shipping. You have researched the pet

How to Get an Accurate Pet Shipping Cost Estimate

Pet transportation is in popular demand now that it’s easy to do with various companies online competing for your business. There are many modes of pet travel — from train travel, going on flights, hiring air nannies, doing ground transport, or driving yourself. Because there are so many options available online, it can get overwhelming.

How to Decide Which Pet Shipping Service Is Best For You?

The last time you decided to transport a pet, you did it yourself? We’ll wager that the process was overwhelming and stressful. You told yourself: “Never again!” Driving to another state or cross country alone is hard enough – adding a pet on the journey can feel impossible. This time, you’ve been researching online to