Cost of Flying a Dog Internationally: What to Expect

Are you planning a trip abroad with your dog? Or perhaps you’ve decided on a country relocation. Flying a dog internationally is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor — it’s important to know the costs associated with this type of pet transportation. Patrick MacFarlandPatrick Macfarland has been a teacher, a candidate for public office, and a

What to Expect When Shipping a Pet Internationally

Are you considering shipping your pet overseas? Whether you’re in the process of relocation, need to send a pet to a family member, or are part of an animal rescue organization, you should understand the logistics of shipping a pet internationally before taking the plunge. International pet transport can be a complex process; educate yourself

Finding the Best Dog Transport Company for Your Needs

Are you planning to move your lovable pup and looking for a reliable pet transport service? Whether you’re traveling across the country or just a few towns away, you want to make sure your pup is in good hands. Patrick MacFarlandPatrick Macfarland has been a teacher, a candidate for public office, and a local tour

How Long Does It Take a Dog to Adjust to a New Home After Moving?

Moving can be a stressful experience. Not only are you packing your entire life, but you are also packing memories and experiences. It’s overwhelming physically and emotionally. When you have a pet, it can be even more overwhelming. Moving can be stressful for your dog, too. Just like humans, they can experience anxiety and stress.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Transport a Dog Across the Country?

Transporting a dog across the country is hard work. There are a lot of logistics to take care of during the process. From choosing a method that is right for you to buying equipment that is best for your dog, things can get overwhelming. We’ll outline the costs for each method and recommend some essential

A Step-by-Step Guide to Transporting Your Dog Across the Country

If you’re about to move long distances and own a pet, you undoubtedly plan to bring her along with you. Pets are our family members after all! However, unlike humans, it can be logistically challenging to transport a dog long-distance. If you need to know more about transporting your dog across the country, we can