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Still Think Flying With Your Pet Is Your Best Option? The Cost – And Plethora Of Rules – Might Make You Think Otherwise

Until pretty recently, plenty of people were only too happy to consider taking their pets with them on a flight if they were heading off on an extended vacation, or even relocating.
But a whole slew of incidents involving anything from animals being mis-directed, to pets suffering and even dying in crowded, stuffy airplane holds which were never designed to carry live cargo, has thrown the spotlight on how desirable – or otherwise – it might be to transport pets by air.

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Life as a Pet Transporter – on the Road with CitizenShipper

We get asked quite often about the work of pet transporters, so we thought that to give a taste of what it’s like, we talked with BILL RUSSELL, who’s a highly active pet transporter on CitizenShipper. In fact, Bill’s animal transportation business is very much a partnership with his ‘better half’, Erica Pittman, who as Read more about Life as a Pet Transporter – on the Road with CitizenShipper[…]

How to Keep Your Pets Safe While Travelling in a Vehicle

We’re getting increasingly accustomed to the idea of being able to take our beloved pets with us wherever we go, even long distances. You only have to see the massive growth in options offered for pet-friendly holidays to realize that the tourism industry too, is keen to accommodate this trend, where possible. But this trend Read more about How to Keep Your Pets Safe While Travelling in a Vehicle[…]

What do I need to become a USDA certified pet transporter?

“Ensuring proper animal care and comfort is not just good business—it is also required by law.” This wording is used to introduce the U.S. government’s basic guidance document on the provisions for licensing and registering of businesses under the Animal Welfare Act 1966. If you want to start and build a successful business involved in Read more about What do I need to become a USDA certified pet transporter?[…]

Introducing Your New Driver Dashboard

Greetings Drivers! The CitizenShipper Team is excited to roll out a new driver dashboard, which will make it easier to find and locate shipments that are right for you. Improved and added features include: Real-time feedback on your driver performance statistics New bid tracker so you can keep track of and modify active bids Find the right shipments Read more about Introducing Your New Driver Dashboard[…]

Quality Characteristics of Professional Experienced Drivers

Professional experienced drivers are more than just individuals that can move the vehicle from one point to another. Experienced drivers do more than just hold the steering wheel. They have experience in transporting costly equipment, supplies, goods and merchandise while maintaining a schedule for delivery. Individuals that are seeking the best professional driver often look Read more about Quality Characteristics of Professional Experienced Drivers[…]

How Do I Move My Pet? Easy Pet Transportation Options

Many individuals struggle with the thought of how do I “move my pet”, that will provide a safe and easy solution while relocating. Moving a pet from one location to another can be a challenging event for any family relocating, or taking a long vacation. Typically, transporting a pet in a plane or car can Read more about How Do I Move My Pet? Easy Pet Transportation Options[…]